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Software Defined Radio Introduction | What SDR To Buy? | Choose the Right one For You

Software Defined Radio Introduction, choosing the right SDR for you! There are so many software defined radios, which one is best for your personal needs? Watch and find out.

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Ben Nguyen : So the bias option is needed only if using an active antenna? Since bias-tees appear to be available separately ($25 on ebay.. or as high as $100 on Farnell) is there any benefit to buying an SDR with the built-in bias?
In general, will windows software work only with the the specific device it was written for? For example, can any of these be used with the LimeSDR: TempestSDR, CubicSDR/PDW, SDRUno, DSDPlus, Soundmodem?
BennyCFD : Is SDR truly a better mouse trap or just more menu items to make you think you're getting more bang for the buck. Or marketing to those who like a lot of bells and whistles with the ohh ahh wow golly gee factor stuff you'll never use. Like most SDR menu options.
Julio Cesar Pereira : One thing was not important: if you care about sensitivity, avoid sdr receivers that use direct sampling. Be sure the sdr receiver has filters, otherwise you'll end up with a lot of images. I've got an Airspy HF+ Discovery, a very sensitive, with filters in all the bands, great Dynamic Range and one of the cheapest if not the cheapest among the best sdr receivers.
Mangosuthu Buthelezi : Is dvb-t stick the same as sdr? Or can I use dvb-t stick instead of sdr? Thanks
Non Applicable : TY for your effort bud it informed me.
Frank Smith : I ordered the Jh-15+ from patriotwaves, yeah I know its cheap and gimmicky, but it looks pretty cool minus the blue and picks up the fuzz...
GatheringSticks : I want to listen to 461.20000 frequency digital radio.
I'm running windows 7. What would you recommend?
I'm a newbie.
CORZER0 : Is HAM radio dead?
OSTALI SMO JAKI DUSMANI NEK CRKNU : pls send an e mail brother to ask you something please.
Danny Dawson : I’m I missing something or is your profile pic now that of a woman?

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